My Story

My Story

What is Freed Enlightenment?

One year ago November 2017, I made a commitment to myself to pursue my truth at all costs. Without reservation, I wanted to stand in the gospel of who I am, who I KNOW I am. The mundane, restricted and predictable lifestyle I lived couldn’t push me to live one more day. Employed, paying off car and multiple-loan student debt, post-grad schooling, and the many side hustles, didn’t reflect my internal universe and I. was. simply .DONE.

I wanted to be at one with the ubiquitous voice inside that kept pushing to me to take a chance for my freedom, one of few passions that have consistently woken by my side every morning. I wanted to live just one day where each hour was filled with my life ‘on-purpose’.  At the time I had no idea what my freedom looked like, but I’ve always known it’s feeling. The feeling was a truth I’ve always held and hidden in my heart. I knew the ONLY way to live peaceably with myself was to give over the complete trust of my life to its original Source, the space dreams and purpose are created for future realignment with the self. Fear (not trying) and failure (giving up) would no longer be the main features in this life I was given. 

On the night of December 3, under the new moon, I read and spake aloud my intentions for 2018.

“I am ALWAYS myself, ALWAYS who God says I am, filled with life, light, positive, fight, laughter and love..walking in purpose daily, shot like an arrow into my destiny”…. and so began my journey of enlightenment, allowing each second of the day to teach me something about myself and people living in this universe we’re all connected in and by.

All the stories and thoughts shared here, are mine and affiliated with the continuous process of growth. I am always learning. This blog is for me to tell my story, and to own it through it my truth and my voice. The past year has taught me so much about myself and others and all I wish is to share those experiences with you as I continue to grow and learn, living a life that is free and enlightened.